Operational Designs – Disney, Busch Gardens, Universal, Six Flags, Paramount, Knott’s Berry Farm, Fuji-Kyu Highland, Silver-Dollar City.

Ride Types – Launch & Lift Roller Coasters (wood & steel), Tower Rides, Motion Bases, Rapid River, Spillwater & Log Rides, Flat Rides, Ferris Wheel, Monorail.

Hardware Design – complete controls architecture design including processors, IO, power distribution, motor controls, sensors, HMI, data networks, field wiring.

Programming – programming of Safety PLCs, redundant and diverse PLCs, and HMIs for safety, performance, reliability, diagnostics, and operations.

Motion & Power Controls – people movers, VFD & DC drive systems, pneumatic & hydraulic power systems, torque-followers, 64-ton motion-profile algorithms.

Safety Systems – P.E. Major Modification Reviews, safety PLCs, safety IO, safety sensors, block systems, redundant processors, integrated power-bus.

Human Machine Interfaces – operator real-time touch-screen graphic panels & PCs, Visual-Languages, event based recording database archive / access.

Control Systems Expertise – complete hardware & software design and integration.